Tomaru Chicken

     The Tomaru is a rare Japanese breed of Chickens with Chinese origins. It’s a long-tailed chicken that appears only in a single-color variety; black with a beetle green sheen. The Tomaru is also a long-crowing breed, and is best known for its exceptionally long, musical crow, that can be sustained for up to 25 seconds.

     The Tomaru chicken’s face, comb and earlobes are all red, with some black shading (they may become all black in hens). These birds have large, deep and compact bodies, full breasts, and dark-slate legs. Tomaru’s hens are poor layers of tinted white eggs (around 100 eggs per year) and don’t tend to go broody too.

     In general, the Tomaru is a very gentle, beautiful and purely ornamental breed, that is highly valued in its place of origin.

The Tomaru Chicken - Tomaru Chicken
The Tomaru rooster by Opzwartbeek
Place of originJapan
WeightMale: 3.6 kg                    female: 3 kg
Comb typeSingle comb
Egg colorTinted