Sanjak Longcrower Chicken

    The Sanjak Longcrower, or as locally known the ‘Rogaš’, is a rare Chicken breed that originated in Sanjak (a place located at the boundary between Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo). It’s closely related to the Kosova Longcrower and till recent times it was considered to be its colored variety.

     The Sanjak Longcrower has a characteristic crest on its head that covers its v-shaped comb. It has also red earlobes, yellowish-green or slate legs, and roosters of this breed as classified as long crowers with a crow that lasts for 10 – 20 seconds. The Sanjak Longcrower looks almost identical to the Kosovo Longcrower, and differs mainly in being considerably larger and having multiple-color varieties. In fact, the Sanjak Longcrower got developed with the participation of the Kosovo Longcrower, and big long-legged birds resembling Berats.

     The most common color-varieties for the Sanjak are; black, blue, black with red-brownish shoulders, mottled and white. The hens are also good layers of white eggs (around 170 eggs per year of weight 55 g per each), but they rarely go broody.


Place of originSerbia, Bosnia and Kosovo
UseCrowing contests and dual-purpose

Male: 4 – 5 kg

female: 2.5 – 3 kg

Comb typeV-shaped comb
Egg colorWhite


6 3 - Sanjak Longcrower Chicken
A mottled Sanjak Longcrower rooster
1 9 - Sanjak Longcrower Chicken
Sanjak Longcrower Chickens by Sanjakcrower
5 3 - Sanjak Longcrower Chicken
White Sanjak Longcrower Chickens by Sanjakcrower