Rhode Island White Chicken

     The Rhode Island White is a breed of Chickens that originated in the US state of Rhode Island. Despite their very similar names and shared place of origin, the Rhode Island White is a distinct breed from the Rhode Island Red. However, Rhode Island Reds and Whites can be bred together to produce Red Sex-Link hybrid chickens.

     The Rhode Island White was developed by crossing  partridge Cochins, white Wyandottes, and the rose-combed variety of white Leghorns. It’s a dual-purpose chicken which is suitable for both meat and egg production. White hens are prolific layers of light-brown eggs (240 – 250 eggs per year), but they don’t tend to go broody.

     Rhode Island Whites appear in a single color-variety, which has fully pure white plumage. They also have medium-sized rose combs (some single-combed offspring do occasionally occur), red earlobes, and bright-yellow legs. A bantam version is also available for the Rhode Island White.


Place of originThe USA

Standard, male: 3.9 kg

female: 3 kg

Bantam, male: 1.36 kg

female: 1.13 kg

Comb typeRose comb
Skin colorYellow
Egg colorBrown


4 2 - Rhode Island White Chicken
A Rhode Island White rooster by Eric Heupel
chicken 1189722 1280 - Rhode Island White Chicken
A Rhode Island White rooster
Rhose Island White Chickens - Rhode Island White Chicken
A couple of Rhose Island White Chickens