Poltava Chicken

     The Poltava is an old Ukrainian dual-purpose breed of Chickens, which is named after the city of Poltava in Ukraine. This chicken breed was probably derived by crossing local fowls with buff Orpingtons or other breeds such as; New Hampshires, or Wyandottes.

     The Poltava appeared in three color-varieties; clay, cuckoo, and black. Unfortunately, the cuckoo and the black color-varieties are extinct now, but plans for their restoration are underway. The clay color-variety is presumed to have been known in Poltava Province from the mid-19th century. It’s also the standardized color-variety for the Poltava at the moment.

     Poltava chickens are moderate-sized birds, with a horizontal posture, and bright-yellow legs. They have rose combs, red earlobes, and their plumage consists of colors that range from buff to dark buff.

     Poltava hens are good layers of brown eggs (around 160 eggs per year), and tend to go broody too. This breed also yields a good carcass when slathered. Not only that, but also Poltavas are easily raised, as they are good foragers, undemanding feeders, and early-maturing birds.


Place of originUkraine

Male: 3.2 kg

female: 2.2 kg

Skin colorYellow
Comb typeRose comb
Egg colorBrown


2 23 - Poltava Chicken
A clay Poltava rooster by Timophey Tkachik
1 22 - Poltava Chicken
A clay Poltava hen by Timophey Tkachik
4 14 - Poltava Chicken
A couple of clay Poltava chickens by Timophey Tkachik