Padovana Chicken

     The Padovana is an unusual breed of Chickens, which originated in the province of Padova in northern Italy. This chicken breed is well-known for its characteristic crest, with cocks having a long, curved crest, and hens having a shorter, more rounded one. The Padovana’s origins are disputed, but most historians believe that the breed is related to the Polish chicken breed. It’s also believed that it got developed by crossing the latter species with local Padova Chickens.

     Padovana chickens are an old breed, that was in Padova before the 15th century, as shown by artistic evidence in the paintings. For centuries, these chickens were bred mostly for ornamental purposes, due to their striking appearance. Today, Padovana chickens are also bred for their eggs, as well as their excellent meat.

     Padovana hens lay around 120 – 150 white eggs each year of weight 50 – 60 g per each, but they rarely go broody. These chickens have also well developed beards, slate-colored or black legs, and absent combs. Several color-verities are recognized for the Padovana including; silver-laced, white, white-laced buff, black, and cuckoo. A bantam version is also available for this spectacular breed.


Place of originItaly
UseDual-purpose and ornamental

Standard, male: 1.8 – 2.3 kg

female: 1.5 – 2 kg

Bantam, male: 900 g

female: 800 g

Comb typeNone
Skin colorWhite
Egg colorCreamy white


5 6 - Padovana Chicken
A silver-laced Padovana rooster by Uikitireza
4 10 - Padovana Chicken
A white-laced buff Padovana rooster by Camille Gillet
2 20 - Padovana Chicken
A white-laced buff Padovana hen by Camille Gillet