Onagadori Chicken

     The Onagadori (roughly means “Honorable Fowl”) is a rare breed of long-tailed Chickens from Japan. It was first thought to be a descendant of the Shoukoku, but recent modern genetic researches have already weakened this theory. The Onagadori is recognized as the living National Treasure of Japan, and till now it’s almost exclusive to its country of origin.

     The Onagadori’s trademark feature is the non-molting tail feathers, that if kept in the best conditions with high levels of animal husbandry, grow for the lifetime of the roosters. While, the hens molt normally, as do the feathers that cover roosters’ heads, breasts, backs, and legs. The Onagadori has also long saddle feathers, and hens themselves show the signs of having a wealth of feathers.

     To be regarded as a long-tailed fowl (Onagadori), the bird’s tail must be at least 2 m long. Otherwise it might be regarded as a Phoenix chicken, which is a descendant from the Onagadori itself. Lengths of 12 – 27 feet have been accomplished for the Onagadori, making it the king of all long-tailed breeds of chickens.

     Onagadoris have single combs, white earlobes, and relatively medium-sized  fine wattles. The hens are poor layers of light brown eggs (around 25 eggs per year), but they are known for being broody. The Onagadori also comes in multiple color-varieties which include; white, black-breasted red, silver-duckwing and golden-duckwing.


Place of originJapan

Male: 1.8 kg

female: 1.35 kg

Comb typeSingle comb
Skin colorYellow
Egg colorLight brown


2 - Onagadori Chicken
A golden-duckwing Onagadori rooster by Diandra Dills
1 - Onagadori Chicken
A black-breasted red Onagadori rooster by Diandra Dills
4 - Onagadori Chicken
A golden-duckwing Onagadori cockerel by Tsunade13