Olandsk Dwarf Bantam

     The Olandsk Dwarf is an exceedingly rare true Bantam Chicken breed. The breed is thought to have originated in Oland island in Sweden, from imported British Garden hens, and hence comes the name. British Garden hens is the term used to describe a group of imported bantam chickens came to Sweden from England, probably in the 17th century.

     Olandsk Dwarfs are a landrace bantam breed of chickens, that comes in individualized splattered colors of red, black, white, and grey. They have single or rose combs, red earlobes, and bright-yellowish legs. The Olandsk Dwarf is a cold-hardy and active bird, that is a good forager and quite social too. Also, the hens of this breed are fair layers of small white eggs, and are good broodies as well.

     The Olandsk Dwarf is a generally docile and friendly chicken breed, that’s exceptionally beautiful. It’s being kept mainly by fanciers for ornamental purposes, and as a home pet as well. Unfortunately, the Olandsk Dwarf is a critically endangered chicken breed now, and that’s why a rescue program has been recently established by the Swedish conservation authorities, to protect this heritage breed from extinction.


Place of originSweden

Male: 0.6 – 1 kg

female: 0.5 – 0.8 kg

Comb typeSingle or rose
Egg colorWhite


rooster 552247 1280 - Olandsk Dwarf Bantam
An Olandsk Dwarf bantam rooster
hahn 3741136 1920 - Olandsk Dwarf Bantam
An Olandsk Dwarf bantam rooster
2 10 - Olandsk Dwarf Bantam
An Olandsk Dwarf bantam hen by Udo Schröter