Mallorquina Chicken

     The Mallorquina is an old Mediterranean Chicken breed from the Balearic Islands of Spain. This breed is thought to have been developed in the Island of Mallorca long time ago, and hence comes the name. Mallorquinas are extremely rare chickens, that come mainly in the color ‘Paga’ (wheaten or soft yellow). Luckily different color-varieties like; black, barred and red still do exist.

     The Mallorquina is a medium-sized chicken, with large single combs and wattles, and white earlobes. It’s an active and handsome bird, which is elegant and very proud as well. Mallorquina are also semi-wild in nature, prefer to be always on the move, and that’s why they are suited to free-range rearing. They grow to make fine backyard fowls as well.

     Mallorquina hens are good layers of creamy eggs (around 150 eggs per year of weight 55 g per each). They rarely go broody, but when they do they make great mothers. Unlike other Mediterranean hens, Mallorquina hens have straight erect combs instead of the bending ones (a characteristic they share with some individuals of the Millefiori di Lonigo hens).


Place of originSpain
UseLaying eggs

Male: 2.5 – 3 kg

female: 1.8 – 2.2 kg

Comb typeSingle comb
Skin colorWhite
Egg colorCreamy white


7 - Mallorquina Chicken
A paja Mallorquina-like rooster by Mbdortmund
8 1 - Mallorquina Chicken
A birchen Mallorquina rooster by Andreu Adrover
6 5 - Mallorquina Chicken
Red Mallorquina chickens by Andreu Adrover