Indian Game Chicken

     The Indian Game, or the Cornish, is a breed of Chickens from the United Kingdom. Cornish chickens, as well as crosses of Cornishes, are the most-used breeds in the chicken meat industry at the moment. Specifically, white Cornish and white Plymouth Rock crosses, which are the most widespread Broiler chickens in the world.

     Cornishes are heavy, muscular birds, that were developed from the Old English Game, the Malay, and the Asil‎ chicken breeds. Actually, they were developed initially to become super game birds, but they became super meat birds instead. Indian hens are poor layers of tinted brown eggs (60 – 90 eggs per year), but they are reliable broodies, and become protective mothers indeed.

     The Indian Game has a pea comb, red earlobes, and bright-yellow legs. It appears in a wide range of attractive color-varieties that include; blue-laced, silver-laced, double-laced, jubilee, dark, and white. A bantam version is also available for the Indian Game chicken breed.


Place of originThe UK

Standard, male: 3.6 kg

female: 2.7 kg

Bantam, male: 1.25 kg

female: 1 kg

Comb typePea comb
Skin colorYellow
Egg colorTinted brown


4 3 - Indian Game Chicken
A jubilee Indian Game rooster by karen johns
7 1 - Indian Game Chicken
A double-laced Indian Game hen by karen johns
8 3 - Indian Game Chicken
A flock of Indian Game hens by karen johns