Congo Peafowl

     The Congo Peafowl is a Peafowl species endemic to the Congo Basin where it’s been designated as the national bird. It’s the only true Pheasant native to Africa and shows characteristics of both Peafowls and Guinea Fowls. The Congo Peafowl has fascinated and perplexed ornithologists since its discovery in 1936. In general, these birds are smaller and much less impressive than its Asiatic showier cousins, the Blue Peafowl and the Green Peafowl.

     The Congo peacock has dark bronze-green upperparts, and black underparts. He has violet-blue breast and end tail feathers, and a vivid red naked throat. The vibrant male also boasts a visible crest of long, dense white bristles on the crown, with a few darker feathers behind. The Congo peahen is slightly smaller than the peacock, and is rusty brown with metallic emerald-green upperparts and only a short russet crest.

     In the breeding season, the Congo peacock’s tail opens up into an impressive fan during courtship displays. His tail and wing feathers fanned out while he struts, bows and offers food items to the peahen. Then, a clutch of one to four eggs is laid in a scrape or hollow in the ground. The Congo peahen incubates them for approximately 28 days. During this time, the male stays close to guard the nest, and the female leaves only rarely to feed. After hatching, both parents help in rearing the peachicks by brooding, protecting and feeding them, although the well-developed young are soon able to forage for themselves.


Place of originDemocratic Republic of the Congo

Male: 1.5 kg

female: 1.2 kg

Egg colorDark brown


19449988469 dd6bd9c0a6 h - Congo Peafowl
The Congo Peacock by Hans De Bisschop
2 4 - Congo Peafowl
The Congo Peahen by Ltshears
750px Afropavo congensis  Antwerp Zoo  pair 8a - Congo Peafowl
Congo Peafowls by frank wouters