Bourbon Red Turkey

     The Bourbon Red is a breed of American Turkeys, named after Bourbon County in Kentucky’s Bluegrass region where it originated in the late 1800’s. It was developed from crosses between Buff, Bronze, and White Holland Turkeys. Bourbon Reds were selectively bred for utility traits as a meat bird, and was an important variety in the turkey industry throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Like most of the other turkey breeds, it declined after the commercial adoption of the  Broad Breasted White turkey.

     In fact, the Bourbon Red is a handsome and beautiful bird indeed. It has a brownish to dark red plumage with white flights and tail feathers. These feathers of the tail have soft red bars crossing them near the end. 

     Bourbon Reds are attractive birds for either exhibition or just for the backyard. They are active foragers, and would probably do well in a pasture production system, either as purebreds or when crossed with White Turkeys. These magnificent birds also present an attractive carcass when dressed, since the light pinfeathers leave no residue of dark pigment showing the feather follicles as with the Bronze Turkey.


Place of originThe USA
UseMeat and exhibition

Male: 15 kg

female: 8.2 kg

Egg colorPale buff with reddish brown dots


750px Bourbob red turkey Tom r2 - Bourbon Red Turkey
The Bourbon Red stag by Mtshad
20814152028 ad9ae195c3 k - Bourbon Red Turkey
The Bourbon Red stag by Kathryn
bird 1147734 1280 - Bourbon Red Turkey
A couple of Bourbon Red turkeys