Ameraucana Chicken

     The Ameraucana is an American Chicken breed, that was developed in from Araucana chickens brought from Chile. It was originally bred to retain the blue-egg gene, but eliminate the lethal alleles of the parent breed that make some of the embryos die soon before hatching.

     Ameraucanas are bearded, muffed and tailed birds, unlike the Araucana that may come in a tail-less variety. These birds also have pea combs, small or absent wattles, small red earlobes, and bluish-grey legs. Ameraucana chickens are available in a wide-range of colors which include; Black, blue, blue-Wheaten, brown-red, buff, silver duckwing and white.

     Ameraucana hens lay considerable numbers of blue or turquoise eggs around the year (around +200 per year) and may go broody too. A bantam version is also available for this breed.

Place of originThe USA
UseLaying eggs

Standard, male: 3 kg

   female: 2.5 kg

Bantam, male: 850 g  

 female: 740 g

Comb typePea comb
Skin colorWhite
Egg colorBlue or green


Silver Ameraucana Cockerel - Ameraucana Chicken
A silver-duckwing Ameraucana rooster by Scratchcradle
8 - Ameraucana Chicken
A lavender Ameraucana hen by Ann Porteus
4632801562 40668bf1a8 b - Ameraucana Chicken
Ameraucana chicks by Lori